Hey everyone, We are back from holidays, and today all your orders went out of the home warehouse. Hope you’re having a nice summer Thanks for the wait!    

By Andrea Benítezon 21 July 2023

Hey everyone, We’re back this week with another friday part. This time, it’s more of a short clip celebrating the new adidas skateboarding colourway for Sam Narvaez. Fully filmed in Cuba, Sam shows her great variety and selection of tricks at the creative cuban spots! Congrats Sam!

By Andrea Benítezon 5 May 2023

This part came out a couple of days ago but we’re still thinking about it. Need some motivation for this weekend? Here you have it, enjoy!

By Andrea Benítezon 17 March 2023

Hey Alex, what do you like to do besides skating? I love nature. I’m from a village in north of Spain, in the Pyrénées. And whenever I can I getaway and get there to do some hiking. What’s the craziest route you’ve ever done hiking/camping? Your stories eating raw zucchini are really impressive haha Last […]

By Andrea Benítezon 14 March 2023

Hey everyone! As promised, another friday another videopart 🙂 enjoy!

By Andrea Benítezon 3 March 2023

Hey everyone, This friday part space goes to Cata Díaz this week. The chilean based in Barcelona has been working on this videopart for a while and it finally has been released. You can watch it here and get a proper amount of motivation to go through your weekend! Until next week!

By Andrea Benítezon 17 February 2023

Hey everyone! I’m back here after a while, bringing you another Friday part as I promised. This time with Chandler Burton (@big_nakie) leader of queer representation in skateboarding, as may have seen in Jeff Grosso’s LGBTQ+ episode of “Loveletters”. I hope you enjoy this part and motivates you through the weekend 🙂 Hugs   Andrea […]

By Andrea Benítezon 3 February 2023

Tomorrow is Christmas but it’s not excuse to show you a Friday part. Adrianne is here for the weekend hype ✨ enjoy!!

By Andrea Benítezon 23 December 2022

Hola everyone! Another friday another video part. This time from the australian brand Pass~Port, presenting Matlok Bennet-Jones, with a good amount of creativity and style. Don’t miss it. Have a good weekend.

By Andrea Benítezon 16 December 2022

Hello everyone! As some of you know, I recently started posting weekly some stories on our instagram showing people that not only skate, but that are constantly creating and inspiring us. I decided to name it “MEET”, in order to make possible for you to meet creative characters from Madrid and all over the world. […]

By Andrea Benítezon 9 December 2022