MEET: Alex Amor

Hey Alex, what do you like to do besides skating?

I love nature. I’m from a village in north of Spain, in the Pyrénées. And whenever I can I getaway and get there to do some hiking.

What’s the craziest route you’ve ever done hiking/camping? Your stories eating raw zucchini are really impressive haha

Last year, in June, I did a route from Montserrat (near Barcelona) to my homevillage, it was 150km and seven days walking. I did it by myself, I was sleeping outdoor, and luckily it didn’t rain at all. Also the next summer I did another route, and it was six days walking through the Pyrénées, from my homevillage again until I got to the beach, it was 140km this time, I was also by myself and in the same sleeping conditions, but I wasn’t that lucky that time and the first and second night it rained… The weather up there in the mountains wasn’t that good.

Oh yes about the zucchini (laughs) it was one of these past hiking trips. I didn’t have any water because I couldn’t carry that much water for that many days, so I walked near some farm where they had a vegetable garden with some zucchinis and I just stole one to feed and hydrate myself (laughs)

How’s skating daily in Barcelona? Do you get away from the city often? 

I really like skating in Barcelona, and I love to move in the city a lot and besides, it’s really easy with the metro lines, train, buses etc.
Yeah, I always tend to get out of the city and try to find new spots

Any future plans or projects?

I released a videopart not so long ago, that was filmed fully with VX and now I’ve started again but with an HD camera.
I’ve also started a YouTube Channel with my sister, where we go skate, snowboarding, and hiking and everything. It’s called Hermanos Amor.

Thank you Alex and good luck with all your projects!
Stay tuned for the next MEET interview. 

                  Alex happy with our tote bag 🙂