MEET Juan Algora “Jura” – DAMAGE LTD

Hello everyone!
As some of you know, I recently started posting weekly some stories on our instagram showing people that not only skate, but that are constantly creating and inspiring us. I decided to name it “MEET”, in order to make possible for you to meet creative characters from Madrid and all over the world.
I thought it was time to start posting it on our blog, and the premiere of “PENTECOSTAL”, the new DAMAGE LTD full length video was the best excuse to quickly interview Juan Algora “Jura“:

1. Hey Jura, you’ve been working on making Damage LTD grow for a few years now, what does this video mean to you?
I’ve been doing this for quite a long time. It’s been 10 years already and it’s insane to think about it…
This video means a lot! We put out a full length long time ago too. But this one is extra especial somehow, specially the day of the premiere. People went wild!

2. How was the premiere? (Sorry I missed it)
It was amazing. So many people came thru and showed mad love to us. It feels amazing to do something in your city and see everyone there having a good time. Onto the next one…

3. Already thinking about new projects?
Of course! When you put something out and you get amazing reactions it feels great. Weather is trash now but as soon as it drys we out for more.

Thanks Jura,  good luck with everything!
Photos by Adrián Rios