Hey Alex, what do you like to do besides skating? I love nature. I’m from a village in north of Spain, in the Pyrénées. And whenever I can I getaway and get there to do some hiking. What’s the craziest route you’ve ever done hiking/camping? Your stories eating raw zucchini are really impressive haha Last […]

By Andrea Benítezon 14 March 2023

Hey everyone, This friday part space goes to Cata Díaz this week. The chilean based in Barcelona has been working on this videopart for a while and it finally has been released. You can watch it here and get a proper amount of motivation to go through your weekend! Until next week!

By Andrea Benítezon 17 February 2023

Hey everyone! As every Friday I have a part for you so you can get inspired for the weekend. This time Peta Stantchev with his unique style and variety of tricks:

By Andrea Benítezon 25 November 2022

Hey everyone, Every Friday we are going to recommend you some new videoparts. For this weekend we recommend Alex Amor’s new video: Reconnect. Alex skates all the classic spots in Barcelona and discovers some unseen fun ones. Watch here:

By Andrea Benítezon 7 October 2022