Hey Sara! How are you? Tell us a little bit about you. Hello everyone, everything’s great, thank you for this opportunity. I was born in Venezuela and I’ve been living abroad for 8 years already. I’ve been living in Barcelona for two years. How would you describe your days in Barcelona? I start my mornings […]

By Andrea Benítezon 15 August 2023

Hey everyone, As every Friday, I’m bringing you a new video so you can start your weekend properly. Between this mess of SOTYs and not SOTYs on social media, feels pretty nice to see a different kind of video, and specially if it comes from our city, Madrid. Juan Algora “Jura”, founder of Damage Limited, […]

By Andrea Benítezon 9 December 2022

As per usual, another Atlantic drift video that has the right amount of creativity, style and a very pleasant trick selection. A bit later than Friday but here you have it,

By Andrea Benítezon 20 November 2022

  Hey everyone, hope you all had a great summer. We are back here with some good news, T ring is finally available on the website. It’s another ring I designed some time ago. When I go skate I try to wear the clothes and jewellery that inspires me, and that makes me feel true […]

By Andrea Benítezon 5 October 2022