MEET: Sara García

Hey Sara! How are you? Tell us a little bit about you.
Hello everyone, everything’s great, thank you for this opportunity. I was born in Venezuela and I’ve been living abroad for 8 years already. I’ve been living in Barcelona for two years.

How would you describe your days in Barcelona?
I start my mornings meditating, and working out at the beach or at the mountains. Then, I design for a while and start my daily activities, either it’s art or skating, which are also part of my daily routine. 

Do you think your art (painting and tattooing) has evolved since you moved out of your country?
Yes, for sure. I have discovered new styles. And it is very interesting to get to know other cultures and in some way in your life everything you do it’s built by your experiences.

You are always very happy and you have a contagious great energy. How do you do it?
Thanks a lot (laughs) yes it is like that. I also have my moments but I am always working on me and in being positive and happy in order to be able to truly enjoy life.

How would you describe your art? What styles do you navigate with it?
The kind of art that I enjoy the most is surrealism and kinetic and cinematographic art. I love making portraits and add weird stuff to it, I also appreciate abstract art, as it gives me the ability to express myself. I like to transmit in each piece I create the best of me, making each of them authentic and original.

Tell us about your next trip.
I really want to visit Madrid and skate with my friend Andrea for sure. When I travel, the tattoos go by hand most of the times. There’s many things coming soon for me and I feel very excited about that!

Thanks for everything Sara! Say goodbye here.
Thanks a lot for this interview, peace and love for everyone.