Hey everyone! I’m back here after a while, bringing you another Friday part as I promised. This time with Chandler Burton (@big_nakie) leader of queer representation in skateboarding, as may have seen in Jeff Grosso’s LGBTQ+ episode of “Loveletters”. I hope you enjoy this part and motivates you through the weekend 🙂 Hugs   Andrea […]

By Andrea Benítezon 3 February 2023

Tomorrow is Christmas but it’s not excuse to show you a Friday part. Adrianne is here for the weekend hype ✨ enjoy!!

By Andrea Benítezon 23 December 2022

Hola everyone! Another friday another video part. This time from the australian brand Pass~Port, presenting Matlok Bennet-Jones, with a good amount of creativity and style. Don’t miss it. Have a good weekend.

By Andrea Benítezon 16 December 2022

Hey everyone, As every Friday, I’m bringing you a new video so you can start your weekend properly. Between this mess of SOTYs and not SOTYs on social media, feels pretty nice to see a different kind of video, and specially if it comes from our city, Madrid. Juan Algora “Jura”, founder of Damage Limited, […]

By Andrea Benítezon 9 December 2022

Hey everyone, hope you had a nice week. This week’s Friday part spot goes to Mariah Duran, those hardflips were so buttery 🔥 Have a lovely weekend

By Andrea Benítezon 2 December 2022

As per usual, another Atlantic drift video that has the right amount of creativity, style and a very pleasant trick selection. A bit later than Friday but here you have it,

By Andrea Benítezon 20 November 2022