Hey everyone, We are back from holidays, and today all your orders went out of the home warehouse. Hope you’re having a nice summer Thanks for the wait!    

By Andrea Benítezon 21 July 2023

Hey everyone, We are going on holidays until the 20th of July. You can still buy jewelry and clothing, but we won’t be able to ship it to you until we get back. For those who don’t mind waiting, we have a 10% discount code for you to use until we get back. COUPON: SUMMER23 […]

By Andrea Benítezon 27 June 2023

This time our favourite friday part comes all the way from France. Vincent Milou y’all!

By Andrea Benítezon 30 December 2022

Hey everyone, hope you had a nice week. This week’s Friday part spot goes to Mariah Duran, those hardflips were so buttery 🔥 Have a lovely weekend

By Andrea Benítezon 2 December 2022

Hey everyone! As every Friday I have a part for you so you can get inspired for the weekend. This time Peta Stantchev with his unique style and variety of tricks:

By Andrea Benítezon 25 November 2022

Hey everyone! Hope your week went by really fast and you’re ready to enjoy your Friday. To help you get inspiration for your next sesh I recommend you to watch Nick Garcia’s Part: Flowers for Mom. Besides this beautiful name, this part has a lot of pureness and creativity. Enjoy it and have a good […]

By Andrea Benítezon 14 October 2022

Hey everyone, Every Friday we are going to recommend you some new videoparts. For this weekend we recommend Alex Amor’s new video: Reconnect. Alex skates all the classic spots in Barcelona and discovers some unseen fun ones. Watch here:

By Andrea Benítezon 7 October 2022